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Since I opened my new salon, there has been a lot of walk-ins and calls coming in. 
The best thing is that I am always there to take in the walk-ins and to answer calls (yes, I have a landline at the shop!).
Through conversations with these clients I've learned that either their regular stylists are no where to be found on appointment day, they can't get in touch with them to book an appointment, or they can't find a stylist when they look online. What a shame!
There are several stylists and salons in our town but hardly any of them have an online presence other than basic social media.
I tried to put a page together on FB but it just turned into 'just looking' instead of full-on participation. So, that led me to reach out to those who truly want to build their business as I have and still am.
I started out on YT with my home salon video series which led to many questions, comments and emails all wanting advice on how to grow.
I went from my home salon to my own salon in…

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