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Know When To Make Your Move

How long have you been waiting for your ship to sail in?
Is it getting close OR did you already miss it?
Sometimes you have to be your own captain and just steer your own boat.
But again, fear is the number one deterrent when it comes to doing your own thing.
Let's say you already do your own thing, ask yourself is it good enough OR is there room for improvement.
Today I came to the conclusion that I would take a BIG STEP and make a bigger move onto something I have been thinking about doing for the longest. I will be very honest and tell you my detterent was what I thought others would think.
I am ready, I am qualified and I AM doing it no matter what.
I have a wealth of information to share with others and there's no time like the present!
Grab the wheel to your ship and cruise that baby in the direction of just do it!
Stop second thoughts in their tracks and conquer your fear.
What are we afraid of, success? That's what I had to ask myself, now it's your turn.
Be b…

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