Where does technology fit in the salon?
As I recently told a client, "I run my whole business with my smartphone."
How could I not??
I look at the two older stylists in the salon with ALL of their somewhat readable handwritten notes, signs and post-its, and phone books all over the place and I shake my head (smh).
My appointment book, cashiering, ordering, formulating, calls, messages, accounting, education, Bill pays and invoicing, etc. is all in one place.
The latest thing I taught was stopping/curbing clients from leaving without paying. Some stylists have heard of clients needing to run out to their cars or to the ATM to get money to pay for their services.
My suggestion was to use PayPal's invoicing to request a deposit/down payment. Make sure it's non-refundable just in case the client does not show up for their appointment, at least you'll reap some monetary amount for the time you set aside for that client.
I hope this post is helpful...comment and let me know if so.😊


frugalmdmom said…
Thank you for posting all of your tips. I just started cosmetology school in February and love it!
MsDec '64 said…
Good luck in your career choice!
Thanks for reading!

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