Feeling Intimidated At Your Salon Job?

I use to go to my first salon job feeling very intimidated by other stylists who had a shop full of clients waiting on them. One stylist would even ask me 'aren't you busy today' as to rub it in my face that I only had one client for the day.
As time went on, the pressure eased up as I slowly learned and teach to this day that everyone has their own spot in the salon. While someone may be good at color, another may be good at cuts and so on. The key is to find your 'groove' and get in it.
Nine times out of ten (as in my situation) the intimidator intimidates to keep you powerless because they have a fear of YOU, and or your skill set.
So stop being afraid of the salons big-bad-wolves and do your very best work at all times.
If there's something you feel you're truly not good at and you want to be, educate educate educate!
Have a great day all!


Emily Smith said…
This was a great post about how to feel comfortable in your first salon job. I have been wanting to go to cosmetology school for a while and finally get to start soon. Already I am nervous about how I will do in a real salon. The tip about finding your groove seems like a good idea. I will have to keep that in mind.
Emily Smith | http://www.schoolsofcosmetology.com/
MsDec '64 said…
Emily I would like to hear about your progress...do tell!

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