Doing Your Best Work Possible

Being an at-home stylists has its perks.
You get to set your own schedule and pretty much work when you want.
One of the toughest things to do is attract clients to you and keep them coming back. Hence the title to this entry, by doing your best work possible.
I absolutely love going into my salon, and so far my clients do too.
I have a formula that keeps them coming back:
First, I present myself as professional as possible. I'll tell you I once went to someone else's in-home salon and I was dumbfounded by how many times she had to stop doing my hair and sell ice-cups and polish sausages to the neighborhood children. That is not what I picture as professional.
I MAKE SURE there aren't any disturbances when my client is in my chair. I might add that I don't have any children at home but if you do, that may be an avenue for you to attract clients with children who can play with your children while they get their hair done.
I don't cut any corners on procedures and I try to do a professional finish each and every time.
I find it's easy to kind of explain to your client what you're doing and why. They love it and they begin to trust you more.

A nice, clean and polished finish is worth its weight.
If you do crappy work, you'll struggle.
Take care!


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