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I often shop between two sites for my business cards, Vistaprint and Overnite Prints. Both of them are pretty good print shops and helpful in helping you build your brand.
With Vistaprint you have to constantly comb thru your email to see when they send out a sales alert. In 7 years, I've never paid full price for anything from them. I use Overnite Prints when I want the finest. They give you an option of rounded corners for your business cards and they offer mini business cards.
If you scroll thru Vistaprint's salon/beauty templates you'll more than likely see a design or two that you've seen on someones card already. So why be the same? Especially when they offer free uploads.
I take full advantage of free uploads to show-off my work.
Why show-off? Potential clients who are teetering the thought of entering someones home salon have to be 'sold' 100% or else they can go to the actual salon and get the same service.
By uploading pics of your work, you're showing the potential client what they're buying into. Sure, you can put HAIR BY SHEILA 213-xxx-xxxx on a business card but how many clients do you really think that will land you?

Pictured above is the front of my current business card. I used an app 'PicJointer' to combine the three individual photo's into one photo and uploaded it for a card design.
This lets all potential clients aware of my work.

I recently came up with another design with a twist. I uploaded a pic of my own work and on the back I put an offer of discount hair addition services at a set price. I included the instruction for anyone who wants to take advantage of the special price to text a code that's included on the card to my secondary phone number (provided by app Text Plus Calls). When they send the code thru the text, I immediately will start their booking process.
These cards will be dropped off at church's, schools, restaurants, etc. I also purposely left the expiration blank so I can stamp in dates in batches. For example, I'll stamp up to 50 cards June 30th of this year so I want get swamped with 250 clients in a short period of time. I'll be able to accommodate everyone and set out my next batch, and so forth.

Again, when it comes to running an in home salon or spa, you have to be extra creative with your advertising.
Remember to always use pics of your own work. The worst thing you can do next to posting someone else's work is posting pics of celebrities. Even if you're using a product they're promoting, it's still easier to use that product on one of your own clients and posting a pic of the results.

I hope something in this entry will be helpful to someone. Please don't hesitate to comment your thoughts.
Take care!


Tom Hardy said…
Thank you for all the info! I have been wondering about hair school. My sister wants to go and I want to see if I can help in anyway. Thanks again for all the info!
MsDec '64 said…
No problem.
Please inform her this is a business that will over time pay itself off over and over again.

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