I ran into a young stylist only a year out of school who is now going to school to become a Certified Nurses Assistant. Hmmm....

I went right in and asked her why don't you just work in the salon? These were her responses;
- The salon I'm in is not that busy
- Don't too many people know about me
- It's hard for me to find clients

I live in the middle of Timbuktu and clients find me before I find them. Oh my goodness!
It's true, people enroll into beauty school thinking they're going to go BIG overnight, NOT!
I'll say it again, it takes up to 4 years to build a steady clientele that won't fall into your lap. So what has she been doing for the last year?

I asked her for a business card and guess what....she doesn't have any.
Furthermore, just because the salon isn't busy doesn't mean that she can't be. GONE is the day of the salon doing everything in its power to land you clients, now days you have to bring clients with you.
I just don't know what this yois thinking.. get off your butt and get busy!


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