It's been a while...

Hey All!
It's been SUCH A LONG TIME since my last post. I've been busy being busy.
First, let me tell you that I got a chair in a salon closer to the Chicago area but all my clients like coming to my home salon.
They like the privacy and the one-on-one experience they get.
I also love it. Like I said before, I call my own shots, no annoying chatter from other stylists and their clients. Priceless.
My new thing in my home salon is using an iTunes app iHeart Radio and Pandora.
On Pandora I set up a relaxing spa channel for when I do lashes, brows, and facials.
On iHeart Radio I tune into my favorite Chicagoland station V103 for the old school R&B music...grown folks.
Create a welcoming surrounding for your clients and watch the referrals roll in!

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