Don't Stop!

I don't even know where to start (again).
I've been working out of my home salon, a salon in the suburbs, and a local salon. Trying to get out there, and it's working.
I'm full to capacity for my home salon and no longer accept new clients.
The salon in the suburbs is a no-go due to the seasoned stylists who work there don't play fair (so NEVER have your clients contact you using the salons #, give them yours!) and feeling 'skillfully-threatened' (educate yourself, stay on top). Plus it was kind of run-down and not for me.
The local salon is not the prettiest salon I've been in but can be cleaned up. The catch is there are two ladies there either in or close to 80 years in age. I don't want to change too much because they're fussy 2.0!
My message is that no matter which salon I'm in, I'm booked. How? I've told you before, ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE!
Flyers, poster, business cards, social media, text messaging. Use it to your advantage.
Today is Tuesday, on Sunday night I sent out a text message to clients offering special pricing this week only. I'm booked solid!
You can't hand out a few business cards and call it quits. You can't post a single post about your business then turn and walk away. You HAVE TO BE persistent. I never stop. I post watermarked photos of my work, I post snippets of hair care techniques, I post offers. I post posters and fliers, and hand out my business cards everywhere I go.
One month of being persistent in advertising will show a big difference in your schedule.

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Anonymous said…
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